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This is helpful. But would like a little more details there. Such as:

1) openSIPS when it actions as a Load Balancer is always a SIP proxy during the complete dialog. In other words, the caller RTP is direct connected backend gateway, but openSIPS is always between them for the SIP traffic.
2) Some information for the traffic distributions modules is stored in the database, but some info is only in memory (e.g. which gateway is enabled, count of active dialogs)

This might be naïve details for most telecom folks, but helpful for naïve users like myself.

I haven't played with "Carrier Route","Dispatcher", and "Dynamic Routing", but similar notes for those would be helpful too.

The following video was very helpful in describing the different traffic distributions modules openSIPS supports:


Not sure if my notes are helpful, but they are below.

Routing modules:
Carrier Route
- old module and not maintained, but seems to work
- features: routing, load balancing, blacklisting
- not installed by default
- no web GUI

- performs longest prefix matching
- you use longest preefix to pull "least cost" route out of database table
- strips prefix, adds prefix/suffix
- probabilities to load balancer

Load Balancer
- light weight
- balancing based on load
- can config via GUI
- single database table

- features:
- no prefix/suffix changing
- with version 1.8, you can keep counters in database

- docs:
DB schema:

- computes hash over parts of request and selects an address from the destination list
- can config via GUI
- CallerID, From URI, To URI, Request URI
- via config file or databaseas
- does not strip or append prefix/suffix
- out of service destinations detected by probing
- can mark as out of service
- can mark as in service when gateway comes back online

Dynamic Routing
- heavy weight
- multiple criteria to determine route
- prefix, caller, group, time, priority
- databse only
4 tables (groups, rules, carriers, gateways)

- functions
- do_routing() uses all 4 tables
- route_to_carrier uses carriers & gateways tables
- route_to_gateway - uses gateways table

Robert Mundkowsky

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Many times, during discussion about various OpenSIPS based solutions, I noticed that people make a confusion when comes to the meaning of “load balancing”.....


Enjoy the reading :)

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