[OpenSIPS-Users] Phone Registration :(

Alexander Jankowsky E75A4669 at exemail.com.au
Thu Jun 8 08:30:03 EDT 2017


There is also Sipgrep. I find Sipgrep is very simple to use.


Always check this when using opensipsctl ul show, to see if anything changes,

do you always consistently get exactly the same errors each and every time you boot.


Maybe you can get hold of some used Voip phones. That makes it a lot more interesting.

You might say if you are still running a virtual machine or are now on a dedicated install.

What version of Opensips. What version of Linux.

Sometimes that might be important to know.





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I'm totally new with OpenSIPS and I manged to install it and adjust the configuration script. However, I tried to register a phone using X-Lite and ZOPIPER but I could not.

I tried to sniff using ngrep but I did not find any SIP messages. I used the following command:
ngrep -pqtw byline port 5060 >sip_Messages_Debug.sip


In addition, I used the opensipsctl ul show command but I got:

ERROR: /tmp/opensips_fifo does not exist
ERROR: Make sure you have the line 'modparam("mi_fifo", "fifo_name", "/tmp/opensips_fifo")' in your config
ERROR: and also have loaded the mi_fifo module.

Any help please?

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