[OpenSIPS-Users] OpenSIPS Dependencies Installation

Alexander Jankowsky E75A4669 at exemail.com.au
Wed Jun 7 08:40:03 EDT 2017


You might try the Opensips already precompiled Debian package on Debian Linux.

I first began by compiling Opensips, first up to start with and ran into some problems.

Then I tried the precompiled debian package and soon got that running alright.

It is a very good way to get started and have a good look at what is going on.


There are also complete already running virtual machine image files around.

If you are still in a virtual machine you might try a prebuilt and running system.

Then you can have a good look around at what is going on in a working system.

I am not really all that familiar with virtual machine environments in practice.


I very much prefer a clean install onto a spare machine and a lot of note taking.

That way you can re-do things, fully clean reinstall and work from your own notes.

It only takes a little more time but I do find it more practical on a dedicated machine.


Once you have any working system then it is easier to plan and work from that.





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