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Ramachandran, Agalya (Contractor) Agalya_Ramachandran at comcast.com
Thu Jan 19 10:00:07 EST 2017

Got it. Thank you.

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You have my answer inline.

Răzvan Crainea

OpenSIPS Solutions

On 01/18/2017 08:17 PM, Ramachandran, Agalya (Contractor) wrote:
Hi Razvan,

Got your point. I tried to increase the MAX_CONTENT_TYPE_LEN  and tested async call and it is working fine without crash.

But one more question.
The same piece of code am using for sync REST_API query too in rest_put() method. There also print_buff is only being used.
It is working absolutely fine in the case of sync  call even  if the MAX_CONTENT_TYPE_LEN – is 64.

Wondering what would be the reason in sync call, it is working and in async it is not?
Pure luck. You are doing a buffer overflow, overwriting the data section. Probably when doing sync calls, nobody is using the data you are overwriting. But if it doesn't crash it doesn't mean it is ok :).


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