[OpenSIPS-Users] transaction module and Auto 100 reply

Richard Robson rrobson at greenlightcrm.com
Thu Jan 5 08:45:13 EST 2017


I've just notices that our opensips (2.2.2) is not sending a 100 back 
automatically on an INVITE Some calls are ok, others are not. This is 
probably because I'm doing a fair bit of processing before the t_relay 
is called.

Am I better turning off the Auto 100 reply and sending the 100 manually 
with modparam("tm", "auto_100trying", 0) and t_reply("100", "Trying") 
when handling the initial invite after it has been authenticated/accepted?

Richard Robson
Greenlight Support
01382 843843
support at greenlightcrm.com

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