[OpenSIPS-Users] mid_registrar. sample config does not work. no $ru populated during mid_registrar_lookup()

SK yukko.sergey at gmail.com
Wed Aug 30 05:14:50 EDT 2017


opensips 2.3 with mid_registrar module activated. Installed from CentOS

This configuration from tutorial does not work:
loadmodule "mid_registrar.so"
modparam("mid_registrar", "mode", 2) /* 0 = mirror / 1 = ct / 2 = AoR */
modparam("mid_registrar", "outgoing_expires", 7200)
modparam("mid_registrar", "insertion_mode", 0) /* 0 = contact; 1 = path */

The softphone registeres OK, but mid_registrar cannot find any contacts
registered and I see MYLOG INVITE mid_registrar not found in the logs.

this is the code:
if (is_method("INVITE|MESSAGE") && $si == "" && $sp == 5060) {
     xlog("MYLOG INVITE mid_registrar looking up $ru $ci !\n");
     if (!mid_registrar_lookup("location")) {
          xlog("MYLOG INVITE mid_registrar not found $ru $ci \n");
           t_reply("404", "Not Found");
            xlog("MYLOG INVITE mid_registrar after looking up $ru $ci !\n");

if I change config to
modparam("mid_registrar", "mode", 1) /* 0 = mirror / 1 = ct / 2 = AoR */
modparam("mid_registrar", "outgoing_expires", 7200)
modparam("mid_registrar", "insertion_mode", 1) /* 0 = contact; 1 = path */

It can find the contact, but does not populate $ru and does not send INVITE
to softphone with t_relay() failing to a loop, sending back one 100 Trying
and finishing the loop with Too Many Hops error.

$ru keeps being the same, but as I understand it should be changed to the
actual Contact which I clearly see in the location record when
do  opensipsctl  ul show:

Contact:: sip:0044018503 at Q=

Any help or hints on what I'm doing wrong is very much appreciated. Thanks.
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