[OpenSIPS-Users] Client Moving Networks Mid Call

Royee Tichauer royee.tichauer at vonage.com
Thu Aug 31 09:46:12 EDT 2017

Hi Bodan/team,

We are using opensips 2.1 and we are looking into having some issues that
we have when a mobile client moves between networks. We want to reconnect
the call, so once the client detects that it moved between networks we make
it send a Re-Invite from the new network to reconnect the call. The call
does reconnect, and the rtpproxy sends the RTP traffic to the client on the
new network. The problem is that following ReInvites to the client will not
reach it since we are using the dialog module and the client's destination
IP in the dialog was not updated, it still points to the old IP.

Is there a way for us to update the client's IP in the dialog so both
option pings (that are sent as part of the dialog following
dialog_create(pPB) and following SIP messages are routed to the new IP?

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