[OpenSIPS-Users] Public Meeting discussion - Easy Extensions Deployment

Răzvan Crainea razvan at opensips.org
Thu Apr 30 11:27:03 CEST 2015

Hello, all!

During the last Public Meeting[1], we've discussed about automated tools 
to deploy and configure OpenSIPS extensions, such as RTPProxy, 
RTPengine, OpenSIPS Control Panel, Homer, SNMP, OpenXCAP and many other 
external tools that can be used in conjuction with OpenSIPS.
Our initial assumption was that people find it difficult to integrate 
these tools with our SIP Proxy, and they need an automated solution that 
install and magically configure them in such a way that they simply 
work. This will spare some time from documenting and depoying the tools, 
and will provide a minimum working setup. If more tuning has to be done, 
tutorials and extra documentation should be consulted.

What we would like to do now, is to ask you the following questions:
1) Is integrating external tools a real problem that we have to address?
2) Do you find this kind of automated tool useful? Or you'd prefer to 
use a different solution?
3) How would you like to see this implemented? As an external tool? Or 
perhaps using an already existing tool, but has to be configured to know 
OpenSIPS integration?

Your input is _really_ needed on this topic, so please don't hesitate to 
list your ideas here. Together we can make OpenSIPS integration better 
and faster :D.

[1] http://www.opensips.org/Community/IRCmeeting20150429


Răzvan Crainea
OpenSIPS Solutions

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