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Tarik Tankovic ttankovic at gmail.com
Tue Nov 5 15:11:18 CET 2013


my question concerns one test model of mine.

It is basically UAC(SIPp) - SIP proxy(OpenSIPS) - UAS(SIPp) model used for
a basic INVITE-ACK-BYE scenario that is used with two kind of security
mechanisms: authentication and TLS. My goal is to determine the impact of
each of these two mechanisms on the capacity of the model.

Last year I was using OpenSIPS version 1.6 and I got results in which
number of failed calls was decisive criterion in assessing capacity of test
model in all four possible options (w/o TLS and auth, w/o TLS and auth.,
w/o TLS and with auth. and with TLS and with auth.). But now, after I have
upgraded OpenSIPS to version 1.8 the situation is different. Not only that
the capacity of the model is lower now in all four scenarios, but also
Opensips crashes under not so heavy traffic when using TLS (it worked just
fine with a heavier load when using 1.6 version). I am a little bit puzzled
because I haven't change anything else in the model, at least I am not
aware of that.

Do you know are there some stability issues in OpenSIPS 1.8 when used
together with TLS?


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