[OpenSIPS-Users] Opensips 1.9.1 and NAT

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I understand but in onreply route I make a test: nat_uac_test("55") and only
if it successful I make “fix_nated_contact()”.

In my case nat_uac_test("55") must be fail after checking 183 ringing and
200 OK.


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The question is not quite clear. In your opensips.cfg you call
"fix_nated_contact()" on both route and reply route. that's why it changes
the route.


There is no such a thing as direction in opensips unless it's implemented in
your logic. A message goes through your route or reply route scripts when it
reaches opensips. 





On Fri, Nov 22, 2013 at 1:10 AM, dpa <denis7979 at mail.ru> wrote:



I have a one question about nat processing of Opensips.


There is such scheme


UAC1 (softphone behind nat) à Opensips -> UAC2 (another softswitch), i.e.
UAC1 initiates a call to Opensips and a signaling port = 5068.


So UAC2 becomes “ringing” by sending 183 message.


In attachment 183 message from UAC2 and some parts of opensips.cfg


After 183 processing by Opensips port in Contact header of 183 (and later
200 OK) messages become 5060, i.e. Opensips detects NAT and changes Contact


So my question is, Why does Opensips changes Contact header?

Once Opensips detects nat transaction (setting setflag(21)) is it check all
reply messages (and doesn`t matter from which UAC they have been received)
or Opensips can detect direction and makes decision about nat process?


Thank you  for any help.






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