[OpenSIPS-Users] Wholesale Opensips + CDRtool

Laszlo laszlo at voipfreak.net
Wed Nov 6 16:31:19 CET 2013

The answer is not that simple by just saying yes or no.

We started with cdrtool in the beginning, but now only the retail customers
are handled by cdrtool.

The cdrs are already in radacct, you can use custom queries to retrieve the
info you need, and then extend cdrtool to your taste.

- Laszlo
2013.11.06. 15:21, "Ewgeny" <evoip at ukr.net> ezt írta:

> Hi !
> I read a lot info from mailing-list, but didn't found the answer - is that
> possible to use CDRtool billing with Opensips to build Class 4 transit soft
> switch  ?
> As i understand - it bills only by calling party (user A), but in
> wholesale it is require to bill also called party, to determine how much
> minutes passed through the terminator.
> the documentation says:
> Known limitations
> -----------------
> The rating engine does not calculate prices based on the outbound carriers
> or outbound gateways, the rating plan is is assigned by the calling party
> and not by called party.
> Price discounts (except those based on ENUM tld) must be applied outside
> CDRTool, in the billing system that prints the actual invoices. CDRTool has
> no possibility to rate only calls after X minutes per month for subscriber
> Y, all calls are rated uniformly.
> Please  share your  experience  who  uses  CDRtool in production.
> Best Regards,
> Ewgeny
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