[OpenSIPS-Users] [NEW] CouchBase Database Driver

Vlad Paiu vladpaiu at opensips.org
Thu Jan 24 13:04:05 CET 2013


A new *CACHEDB_COUCHBASE* module has been added to OpenSIPS trunk, and 
it will also be present in the future 1.9 release.
The module implements the Key-Value Interface [1] to allow the script 
writer and also the module writer to connect and do Key-Value type 
operations ( store,fetch,remove,counter_add,counter_sub ) on a CouchBase 

Due to the CouchBase JSON document oriented format, the module can 
easily be integrated in the OpenSIPS script with the JSON module, in 
order to
provide a wider range of functionality for the script writer.

For a full documentation of the module and usage example, visit [2] .
Testing and feedback is very much welcome.

[1] http://www.opensips.org/Resources/DocsTutKvinterface
[2] http://www.opensips.org/html/docs/modules/devel/cachedb_couchbase

Best Regards,

Vlad Paiu
OpenSIPS Developer

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