[OpenSIPS-Users] Parallel forking and per branch manipulation

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Mon Sep 3 12:04:04 CEST 2012

Hi Jayesh,

See my inline comments.


Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
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On 08/31/2012 03:02 PM, Jayesh Nambiar wrote:
> Hi Binan,
> Thank you very much for your reply. What you wrote is what I 
> understand from all the documentation present but probably the concept 
> is not working for me or probably just not getting into my head. This 
> is a snippet of what I'm trying to do:
> lookup("location");
> $branch = $ru;
You do not need this last line as the $ru will be automatically be 
considered branch 0.

> avp_db_query("SELECT cli, phone_number FROM users WHERE user_id = 
> '$rU', "$avp(cli), $avp(parallel_number)");
> $rU = $avp(parallel_number);
> $rd = my_gateway_ip;
> $var(uri) = "sip:"+$rU+"@"+$rd;
> $branch = $var(ruri);
> t_on_branch("1"); # --This is confusing me---
This is correct, you are arming the branch 1, which will be executed 
inside t_relay(), once for each branch.

> t_relay();
> exit;
> branch_route[1] { #---Need to know how to check for branch id here---
>        if(branch_id == 1) { #--- How do I check for this condition??
See $T_branch_idx 

>               uac_replace_from("sip:$avp(cli)@mydomain.com 
> <http://mydomain.com>");
>        }
> }
> The problem is I dont know how to identify the branch id in the branch 
> route. Even if I set branch flag for second branch using setbflag(1,1) 
> and I check for this flag in the branch route using isbflagset(1,1), 
> by the time the first branch goes into branch_route, the second branch 
> is created and the condition isbflagset(1,1) becomes true and the 
> uac_replace_from() gets executed for first branch also. My requirement 
> is to execute this branch_route only for second branch which is 
> branch_id 1.
> Isn't there any straight forward way of checking the id of the branch 
> when it comes to the branch route??
> Any help is really appreciated. Thanks.
> --- Jayesh
>     Hi,
>     lets say you have 2 branches 0 towards user in location and 1
>     towards PSTN.
>     ?
>     I suggest to use branch flags which are used to activate some
>     functions in branch level
>     when creating the branches in main route use this variable
>     $branch() to set branch flags to each indivisual branch depending
>     on its index 0 for branch 0 and 1 for branch 1.
>     use branch routing blocks to execute certain logic (it could be
>     the manipulation ) for each branch before forwarding the request.
>     // Binan
>     --- On Thu, 8/30/12, Jayesh Nambiar <jayesh.voip at gmail.com
>     <mailto:jayesh.voip at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     From: Jayesh Nambiar <jayesh.voip at gmail.com
>     <mailto:jayesh.voip at gmail.com>>
>     Subject: [OpenSIPS-Users] Parallel forking and per branch manipulation
>     To: "OpenSIPS users mailling list" <users at lists.opensips.org
>     <mailto:users at lists.opensips.org>>
>     Date: Thursday, August 30, 2012, 8:11 AM
>     Hi All,I have a scenario to do parellel forking between the user
>     found in location and towards a PSTN gateway. The requirement here
>     is, I have unique manipulations to be done before routing the call
>     which I believe can be done using branch routes, but I'm just
>     wondering how.?
>     For eg: The branch that goes to the user found from location
>     should have no FROM Header manipulation and the branch that goes
>     out to PSTN gateway needs a
>     uac_replace_from("sip:123456789 at
>     <mailto:sip%3A123456789 at>"), and
>     insert_hf("P-Asserted_Identity: sip:123456789 at
>     <mailto:sip%3A123456789 at>\r\n") before calling t_relay().
>     There are many other manipulations like this.
>     How do I take the script logic to individual branch routes before
>     calling t_relay, because whats happening with me is once the
>     location is looked up, I go ahead for manipulations that is
>     supposed to be done for the gateway branch, but it gets applicable
>     for the branch that goes out to the user as well !!
>     Probably I am missing something on my understanding on how to call
>     branch_routes while doing parallel forking.
>     Thanks for any help.
>     --- Jayesh
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