[OpenSIPS-Users] parameter <filename> not found in module <lua>

Gledhill, James james.gledhill at sipstorm.com
Wed Jun 13 22:12:43 CEST 2012

I read the source code and solved my own problem and am reporting back
for others, if/when needed.


Additionally, it would be good for someone to change the code or the


modparam("lua", "filename", "/etc/opensips/opensips.lua") needs to be

modparam("lua", "luafilename", "/etc/opensips/opensips.lua") ...


Changing the parameter from "filename" to "luafilename"




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I am trying to test/work with the lua module, but having difficulties.  


When starting opensips I get the following error:


<25>: /usr/local/opensips_proxy/sbin/opensips -f

Jun 13 14:40:37 [25953] ERROR:core:set_mod_param_regex: parameter
<filename> not found in module <lua>

Jun 13 14:40:37 [25953] CRITICAL:core:yyerror: parse error in config
file /usr/local/opensips_proxy/etc/opensips/opensips_jbg_test.cfg, line
90, column 20-21: Parameter <filename> not found in module <lua> - can't

Jun 13 14:40:37 [25953] ERROR:core:main: bad config file (1 errors)



/usr/local/opensips_proxy/etc/opensips/opensips_jbg_test.cfg has the



loadmodule "lua.so"

modparam("lua", "filename",
"/usr/local/opensips_proxy/etc/opensips/test.lua")  ## Line 90





The lua file exists and has a function in it:


<26>: ls -la /usr/local/opensips_proxy/etc/opensips/test.lua

-rw-r--r-- 1 root root 68 Jun 13 14:24


<28>: cat /usr/local/opensips_proxy/etc/opensips/test.lua

-- test lua


function testFunction()

        xlog("test from lua\n");






  CentOS release 5.8 (Final) - 64-bit

  opensips 1.8

  Lua 5.1.4





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