[OpenSIPS-Users] Freeswitch/OpenSIPS Database Table Sharing

Jerry Richards jerry.richards at teotech.com
Mon Jun 11 21:38:57 CEST 2012

Okay, thanks.  I was just asking because it looked like OpenSIPS is sharing tables with Asterisk on page 181 of the OpenSIPS 1.6 book.  But perhaps I'm mis-interpreting that page and that's actually not the case.


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Hi Jerry,

Why do you want to have opensips and freeswitch sharing tables ? Each of them have specific tables, so sharing (at least from logical
perspective) is not so feasible .

Anyhow, opensips has an odbc driver for DB ops - see the db_unixodbc module. Then, when configure a db url in other module (which require DB
access) define the DB URL as "unixodbc://........". See:


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On 06/11/2012 10:15 PM, Jerry Richards wrote:
> Is there any existing example where Freeswitch and OpenSIPS use odbc to share database tables?  I know they can independently use odbc to write/read to/from DB tables.  I'm just wondering if there is any way that they can share the same tables.
> Thanks,
> Jerry
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