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Mon Jun 11 09:56:48 CEST 2012

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Date: Mon, Jun 11, 2012 at 1:20 PM
Subject: Value of PATH is not being used in next_branches() in Faliure Route
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Hi ,
   I am using opensips 1.6 . I am facing an issue here . It seems In
faliure route when I do next_branches() it does not set value of "path"
(from lookup) as distination/route . Which results , opensips try to send
message directly to UA .

Here I give N/w diagram

  UA1(115.X.X.X)-------[PROXY]--------|                                   |
Registrar/Opensips   |
  UA2 (122.x.x.x)--------[PROXY]-------|                                   |

The issue I am facing is ...
1. On any INVITE to Opensips after lookup Opensips sends invite to Proxy
2. On any faliure response in "Faiure Route"
3. When I do next_branches() it tries to send INVITE directly to 122.X.X.X .

-----------------HERE I GIVE PIECE OF Opnesips.cfg--------------------

       xlog("L_NOTICE", "SERIALIZE BRANCHES ($rm) r-uri ($ru) : Contact :
$ct  :callID $ci : CSeq $cs \n");
                        if (!serialize_branches(1)){
                                sl_send_reply("500","Unable to load
                      xlog("L_NOTICE", "PREPARE FIRST BRANCH ($rm) r-uri
($ru) : Contact : $ct  :callID $ci : CSeq $cs \n");
                                if (next_branches()){
                                    xlog("L_NOTICE", "NEXT BRANCH After
Seri :callID $ci : CSeq $cs \n");
                                #       sl_send_reply("504","Not found ");
                                #       exit;
                        append_hf("P-hint: lcr applied\r\n");

                        append_hf("P-hint: usrloc applied\r\n");



route[1] {

        if (nat_uac_test("7")) {
        # send it out now; use stateful forwarding as it works reliably
        # even for UDP2TCP
        xlog("L_NOTICE", " IN ROUTE BLOCK method ($rm) r-uri ($rs) :callID
$ci \n");
        if (!t_relay()) {

  xlog("L_NOTICE", " ON REPLY BLOCK  method ($rm) r-uri ($rs) :callID $ci
:CSeq $cs \n");

failure_route[1] {
   if ( t_check_status("404|477|408|486|50[234]")){
                xlog("L_NOTICE", " ERROR RESPONSE MATCHED  method ($rm)
r-uri ($rs) :callID $ci :CSeq $cs \n");
         if (next_branches())
                xlog("L_NOTICE", " ON FAILURE BLOCK  method ($rm) r-uri
($rs) :callID $ci :CSeq $cs \n");




I attach the log of the call in debug=9 mode.

Please have a look at this if anyone can help me .

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