[OpenSIPS-Users] SIP SBC research

Kevin Mathy k.mathy at hexanet.fr
Tue Jun 5 16:39:50 CEST 2012

Hi all,

We're using OpenSIPS for routing core of our backbone since 1 year, and
we're trying to improve this backbone more and more each day.
Now, we're trying to split this backbone is three parts : "low" part,
called access part, with some SBC, to provide customer access; "middle"
part, as routing part, with our OpenSIPS servers; then, "high" part, with
our gateways between SIP and SS7 world.

We're looking for a SIP Session Border Controller, which must be supporting
MPLS ! We looked for it based on OpenSIPS, but we didn't find how to
support MPLS...

What we want to is that this SBC should have most "interfaces" in different
MPLS networks, and some other interfaces with public IP addresses, and
then, some interfaces with private IP addresses.

With this SBC, we may have to create some routing rules to, for example,
route SIP REGISTER messages to a particular server, we may have to do some
header manipulations, to change some informations basing on the interface
on which was received the message, etc.

We don't especially need high security features, as we have some other
equipments doing it.
Then, the SBC must be able to transcode RTP flow, in, at least, G.711,
G.729 and G.722.

Moreover, the SBC must be functioning in pair with another one, in High
Availability mode, with some load sharing and failover.

So, does anybody here know some models that may answer to all our requests
? Keep in mind that it have to support MPLS.

If you have some other questions, feel free to ask me !

Thanks a lot for your help ! Hope you will have some answer for us...



*Kevin MATHY*
Téléphone :
Web : www.hexanet.fr

Pour toute demande de support, merci de contacter le **, ou
bien d'adresser un e-mail à *support at hexanet.fr*
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