[OpenSIPS-Users] [NEW] OpenSIPS Configuration and Scripting Tool

Vlad Paiu vladpaiu at opensips.org
Thu Jan 19 18:11:10 CET 2012


A new OpenSIPS configuration tool has been just added to OpenSIPS trunk, 
and it will also be present in the future 1.8 release.
This is a graphical tool that allows in an easy way to configure, 
compile and generate OpenSIPS configuration files - all by simply running
*make menuconfig*

Currently, the Interface allows the user to do the following :

1. Configure OpenSIPS compilation related options such as :
     - *Compilation Flags*. For example, the user can now easily compile 
in TCP support from within the GUI, or enable memory allocation 
debugging, etc. Each compilation flag functionality is explained in 
short in the GUI.
     - *Module Compilation Selection*. The user can now easily select to 
compile modules that have external dependencies, and that are not 
compiled in by default. For example, the user can choose to also enable 
the MySQL support by enabling the db_mysql module. The interface will 
also notify the user about the dependencies that must be installed based 
on the modules that the user has selected.
     - *Installation Prefix*. The user can use the GUI to configure the 
OpenSIPS installation path to be used

2. *Install OpenSIPS and Cleanup OpenSIPS* sources
     - Upon configuring OpenSIPS related options from above, the user 
can choose to install OpenSIPS directly from the GUI.

3. *Generate OpenSIPS config files*
     - The tool can also generate OpenSIPS configuration files based on 
the user's preferences. So far, we have defined three main classes of 
OpenSIPS configuration files :
         - Residential
         - Trunking
         - Load-balancer

For each type of configuration file, the user can choose to 
enable/disable certain options. For example, for the Residential script, 
the user can choose to enable presence support, to handle NAT, and many 
more. After the user has properly configured it's desired OpenSIPS 
script in the GUI, it will have the option to generate and obtain the 
final OpenSIPS cfg.

The interface dependencies are
     - curses development library for compiling the GUI
     - m4 for generating OpenSIPS configs based on user preferences.

Testing and feedback is very much welcomed.


Vlad Paiu
OpenSIPS Developer

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