[OpenSIPS-Users] Issues with RURI port VS contact port when ACK is relayed back to UA

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
Fri Aug 19 16:45:00 CEST 2011

Hi Bobby,

what you could do is to store into "fixed" contact the original IP and 
port, so that you can restore he original contact in sequential requests.

like you received sip:foo at ip_1:port_1 -> fixing to 
sip:foo at ip_2:port_2;xip=ip_1;xport=ip_1
(take a look at params)

and when you receive an RURI like 
sip:foo at ip_2:port_2;xip=ip_1;xport=ip_1 you move current IP and port 
into DURI and upload xip and xport into URI.


On 08/19/2011 07:28 AM, Bobby Smith wrote:
> All,
> Setup is this:
> Softswitch --> OpenSIPS Proxy/Registrar --> UAC
> INVITE sip:username at uac_ip:port is sent to uac via lookup on the 
> location table:
> ---> INVITE sip:user at foo.com:5063 <http://sip:user@foo.com:5063> (but 
> destination port from UA's contact is really 7063).
> R-R us
> Contact: <sip:did at softswitchip:port>
> <--------  200 OK
> via them
> Contact: <sip:user at foo.com:5063 <http://sip:user@foo.com:5063>>, which 
> is rewritten to sip:user at foh.com:7063 <http://sip:user@foh.com:7063> 
> because of fix_nated_contact called
> -----------> ACK sip:user at bar.com:7063 <http://sip:user@bar.com:7063> 
> (sent to ua at 7063).
>               R-R us
> The problem is the UAC tosses out the request because it doesn't match 
> it as the RURI port is wrong, even though it was sent to the right place.
> My question is:
> If I call loose route on this without fixing up the IP, it would be 
> relayed to the private_ip:port pair of the UA.
> If I do another lookup, the RURI is preserved with the port 7063 but 
> sent to the right place (in this case 7063, but the request is thrown 
> out).
> What I want to achieve is on the ACK:
> duri = sip:user at bar.com:5073 <http://sip:user@bar.com:5073>
> ruri = sip:user at foo.com:5063 <http://sip:user@foo.com:5063>
> The initial INVITE packet has the correct duri/ruri combo, but because 
> I call fix_nated_contact, the softswitch rewrites the RURI (as it's 
> supposed to) with the Contact Header info, and opensips relays this 
> back to the UAC with that information.
> Is there a simple convention to set the duri to be the correct 
> destination via lr or via doing another location lookup (hackish I 
> guess, but even this doesn't work for me), while preserving the RURI 
> on the initial invite?  If i don't rewrite the contact header, the 
> packet is relayed back to the private IP and seems to break NAT.
> If I do another user lookup, the ruri is rewritten.  This is a phone 
> that doesn't exactly support RFC 3261 (a Cisco 79XX with SIP 8.0 
> firmware), and doesn't support received processing.
> Thanks,
> BobbyS
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