[OpenSIPS-Users] Opensips MediaProxy Integration

Mike Tesliuk mike at ultra.net.br
Wed Aug 10 03:11:27 CEST 2011

Hello Guys,

Im trying to implement the opensips with mediaproxy to try the CDRTool
application, i have start mediaproxy-relay and dispatcher

tcp        0      0 204.16.XX.XX:25060       204.16.XX.XX:49684
ESTABELECIDA 14108/python
tcp        0      0 204.16.XX.XX:49684       204.16.XX.XX:25060
ESTABELECIDA 14268/python

and have i configure opensips to use mi_datagram how i see on some examples,
i try to use engage_media_proxy and use_media_proxy , but i dont get
any message on my syslog and have no audio.

below the relevant part of my mediaproxy config.ini file

dispatchers = 204.16.XX.XX
passport = None
relay_ip = 204.16.XX.XX
port_range = 50000:60000
log_level = DEBUG

management_use_tls = no
passport = None
log_level = DEBUG
accounting = radius,database

certs_path = tls
verify_interval = 300

dburi = mysql://mediaproxy:_MY_PASS_@

config_file = /etc/opensips/radius/client.conf
additional_dictionary = radius/dictionary

socket_path = /var/run/opensips/opensips.sock
max_connections = 50

and below my relevant opensips.cfg part

modparam("mediaproxy", "disable", 1)
modparam("mediaproxy", "mediaproxy_socket",
modparam("mediaproxy", "mediaproxy_timeout", 500)
modparam("mediaproxy", "signaling_ip_avp", "$avp(s:nat_ip)")
modparam("mediaproxy", "media_relay_avp", "$avp(s:media_relay)")
modparam("mi_datagram", "socket_name", "/var/run/opensips/opensips.sock")
modparam("mi_datagram", "children_count", 4)


on my main route

        if (is_method("INVITE")) {
                setflag(1); # do accounting
                $avp(s:can_uri) = $ru;
                xlog("MIKE: ativando media_proxy");

but i just get my xlog on syslog, i dont have any message on syslog from

somebody can help me to know how can i put mediaproxy to work ?

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