[OpenSIPS-Users] Dialog DB Timeout Older than Start Time/DLG_LIST Inconsistency.

Alan Frisch frisch.alan at gmail.com
Wed Aug 3 01:21:58 CEST 2011

Originally I came across this issue in 1.6.4 and documented it in

I've seen a few entries in the dialog DB in 1.6.4 where the call was an old
zombie because the start_time was ahead of the timeout.  Now I have been
experimenting with 1.7 and my .CFG is in a semi-working state (trying to get
topology hiding working), so I am able to see this behaviour in more detail.

What seems to be happening still in 1.7 is that what get's stored in the
Dialog DB and DLG_LIST for the timeout are 2 different values.  Initially
the timeout value in the DB is earlier than the start_time, the value can be
one or two minutes older than the actual dialog start.

Starting a call I see the following in DLG_LIST:

dialog::  hash=1624:161014921
        state:: 1
        user_flags:: 0
        timestart:: 0
        timeout:: 1312326458

This initial timeout value is in the past(!).  A few moments later once the
state has changed OpenSIPS now displays:

dialog::  hash=1624:161014921
        state:: 3
        user_flags:: 0
        timestart:: 1312326489
        timeout:: 1312333989

Which seems to be a proper start time and timeout, the difference is 7500
seconds (as I specified in my .CFG).

Switching over to the MySQL side of things, even after some time the value
for time_start is more or less correct, but the timeout is not updated.

mysql> select id,state,start_time,timeout from dialog;
| id | state | start_time | timeout    |
|  1 |     3 | 1312326489 | 1312326459 |
1 row in set (0.00 sec)

As you can see, the DB has not been updated with the new timeout from the
DLG_LIST... it is still the "in the past" initial value of 1312326459.

Not sure if this is one problem or two... but it has bunged up my load
balancing on a few occasions with calls hanging around the DB for days
(can't remember if I saw them in the DLG_LIST.

Any idea what's happening here?

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