[OpenSIPS-Users] high process count

Bret McDanel trixter at 0xdecafbad.com
Sat Apr 30 21:53:51 CEST 2011

On Sat, 2011-04-30 at 19:37 +0100, Stanisław Pitucha wrote:
> You mean that fifo ps returns a low number of processes? How are you
> starting up opensips? What kind of scripts / process management are
> you using?
> I would guess that something you use to start up opensips is not
> working as you expect and keeps respawning it all the time. Of course
> new processes won't stay around for long because they'll try to bind
> on some ports which are already taken. But if you're respawning often
> enough, the total count could go into thousands.

The extra processes are because it is forking doing something, it is not
multiple instances being started like you suggested.  They  all have the
same parent ID.

ps auxww | grep opensips | wc -l
the list keeps growing.  And if I kill opensips most die but not all,
and those are only terminated with a kill -9.  

I show about 7 with opensipsctl ps but hundreds (it constantly grows
they never die).

They are clearly blocking somewhere, and it cannot be a syscall because
a kill -9 cant take those out.  I am about to dig in and try to find out
where and more importantly why.

I start opensips fork=no logstderr=yes debug=10 with only a -f and -P
option in a standard shell.  

Trixter aka Bret McDanel
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