[OpenSIPS-Users] missed_calls doubt

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Try to use failed_transaction_flag



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Dear List,

I use my opensips, to make the routes based on prefix received and send the call to the termination carrier based on a lcr configured with dr_route module.
I have 2 route to each prefix. When I receive an error from the fist carrier, the opensips set the missed_call flag, and send the call to second carrier. If the second carrier send an error, the opensips set the missed_call flag again and relay this error to the user that made the call. In my missed_call table, I just see the second error, but I need to see both. How can I do this ?

Follow my failure route:

failure_route[1] {

        xlog("FailureRoute entered");
        setflag(10); #accounting missed calls
        if (t_check_status("(487)|(486)")) {
                xlog"FailureRoute: $rm exited");
        } else if(!next_routing()) {
                        xlog("FailureRoute: no more gateways available.");

route[1] {

        if (!t_relay()) {



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