[OpenSIPS-Users] db_url confusing issue

Brett Nemeroff brett at nemeroff.com
Fri Apr 8 16:56:52 CEST 2011

Hello All,
I just ran into an issue that I think others might also run into.

So I just added dialog module to an existing configuration that already had
a few db_urls specified for other modules. I forgot to add the db_url for
the dialog module. Because of this, the dialog module (without warning)
added it's own db_url. Of course, the default db_url didn't work and I got
an access denied error in my logs.

This took me a good 10 minutes to track down. I couldn't figure out why it
wasn't logging in. to make matters worse, I'm using the username 'opensips'
so the log just looks like I must have mistyped something:

Apr  8 10:41:19 [16494] ERROR:db_mysql:db_mysql_connect: driver error(1045):
Access denied for user 'opensips'@'localhost' (using password: YES)

I really think that if a module is going to init with a default db_url, that
it should probably have a WARNING in the logs. something like:
Apr  8 XX:XX:XX [XXXX] WARNING:db_mysql:Using default db_url for module
'dialog'. You might want to change this

If I had seen that, I'd know that I needed to set the db_url for the dialog
module.. I'm pretty sure this came up sometime before..

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