[OpenSIPS-Users] failure route with $rU == null

Anton Zagorskiy a.zagorskiy at oyster-telecom.ru
Wed Apr 6 17:23:30 CEST 2011


In which cases in the failure route will be passed a request with $rU ==
In a log I see just:

DBG:tm:utimer_routine: timer routine:4,tl=0x803ad3218 next=0x0,
DBG:tm:timer_routine: timer routine:2,tl=0x803ae43c0 next=0x0, timeout=260
DBG:tm:wait_handler: removing 0x803ae4340 from table
DBG:tm:delete_cell: delete transaction 0x803ae4340
DBG:dialog:next_state_dlg: dialog 0x803ad68a0 changed from state 5 to state
5, due event 1
DBG:dialog:unref_dlg: unref dlg 0x803ad68a0 with 1 -> 2
DBG:tm:wait_handler: done
DBG:tm:timer_routine: timer routine:1,tl=0x803ad7028 next=0x0, timeout=262
DBG:tm:final_response_handler: stop retr. and send CANCEL (0x803ad6dd8)
DBG:tm:t_should_relay_response: T_code=100, new_code=408
DBG:tm:t_pick_branch: picked branch 0, code 408 (prio=800)
DBG:tm:is_3263_failure: dns-failover test: branch=0, last_recv=408, flags=2
INFO:core:buf_init: initializing...
*** +++ failure_route[1] has started
*** failure_route[1]:mi = 1;  R-URI: 'sip:;transport=udp'
'<null>' @ ''; From-Uri: 'sip:6010666 at mydomain.com'  '6010666'
@ 'mydomain.com'
DBG:avpops:ops_delete_avp: 0 avps were removed
DBG:core:comp_scriptvar: str 20 : 0
DBG:tm:t_check_status: checked status is <408>

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