[OpenSIPS-Users] Memory Issues because of AVPs?

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
Tue Apr 5 11:31:44 CEST 2011

Hi Duane,

On 04/05/2011 06:54 AM, duane.larson at gmail.com wrote:
> A while back I had posted on here thinking that i might have a memory 
> leak
> http://opensips-open-sip-server.1449251.n2.nabble.com/Memory-leak-td5942660.html#a5949293 
> I've had to fix my SIPP scripts but also I had to change some stuff in 
> my opensips.cfg file. In my script I commented out all of the times I 
> set an AVP variable.
> So my question is
> Every time you load an AVP it gets put into memory correct?
yes, in shared memory, to be more specific.
> So in order for the memory not to get overloaded you need to do 
> "avp_delete" correct?
not necessarily - you use the function only only if you want to delete 
the AVPs at some specific point in script. AVPs are transaction/message 
persistent , and they are automatically deleted when the transaction / 
message is deleted (AVPs are part of transaction/message)
> What about the AVPs that are declared in modparam's and that are set 
> in the script?
those are just names of AVPs, not instances of AVPs
> How do you make sure those are not overloading memory? What else could 
> cause my opensips processes to gradually eat up the memory before 
> opensips just starts erroring out because of no memory?
As said, AVPs cannot cumulate in memory as they are attached to 
structures (transactions/messages) that are deleted.

If you get errors on on running out of memory, please read and follow:


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