[OpenSIPS-Users] destroy dialog on transaction timeout and load balancer

Bobby Smith bobby.smith at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 21:26:07 CET 2010

Is there an easy way/example from a scripting perspective to check if a
dialog's status is 3 (not received an ACK yet), after a certain period of
time, time out ONLY dialogs in this state?

I've identified a situation where, if the UAC goes unresponsive, and never
sends an ACK, we will eventually stop retransmitting the 200 OK to this but
the dialog will remain established in memory.  Because of this, the load
balancer resources list becomes highly inaccurate over time.  I'm hesitant
to set the dialog default timeout flag, because there are certain situations
where a long call (6 hours +) could occur, and we need resource accuracy to
be < 1 hour ish.

Bobby Smith
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