[OpenSIPS-Users] Top hiding scenario using rtpproxy

Adelson O. Junior jroliv at gmail.com
Mon Dec 6 14:15:55 CET 2010

Hello list,

I've been played with b2bua module using the "top hiding" scenario
using 1.6.2 opensips version.
It seems to be working fine, but I need to call force_rtp_proxy() for
the INVITE requests to force the uac send rtp to rtpproxy IP.

I called it in the script at this point:

if(is_method("INVITE") && !(src_ip == "xxx.xx.0.230")) {
         b2b_init_request("top hiding");

It didn't work.

Doesn't the function work with b2bua and top hiding scenario?  If it
works, what am I doing wrong?



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