[OpenSIPS-Users] usrloc expiring location record from different registrar after startup

Henk Hesselink opensips-users at voipro.nl
Fri Nov 27 17:11:38 CET 2009

Hi all,

We have several OpenSIPS registrars writing to one location table.
When one of the registrars restarts it logs a lot of the following:

WARNING:usrloc:dbrow2info: non-local socket <udp:XXXX:5060>...ignoring

which I believe we can ignore.  But it then deletes all those non-local
entries at the 'expires' time that was in the database at the time of
the restart.  So:

T1 - registrar A restarts, finds UA registration inserted by registrar B
      with expiry time T3, prints "non-local socket ... ignoring" message
T2 - UA registers again with registrar B, sets expiry time to *after* T3
T3 - registrar A deletes record for UA

After T3 the registration for UA never reappears because its register
requests cause registrar B to do an update for a non-existent record.
This seems wrong, or am I missing something?



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