[OpenSIPS-Users] Cleanup acc & mediaproxy when dialog bye_on_timeout triggers

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at voice-system.ro
Sun Nov 15 20:31:54 CET 2009

Hi John,

John Quick wrote:
> I am using the bye_on_timeout_flag within the Dialog module to limit the maximum duration for a call.
> When it is triggered I am having problems cleaning up - i.e. accounting the end of call correctly and
> ending the mediaproxy session. I am not using engage_media_proxy() function, instead preferring to
> have more control with use_media_proxy() and end_media_session().
> >From a search of the archived questions on this forum I found the trick is to create a local_route
> section and use a check based on is_method("BYE") to determine when to execute acc_aaa_request().
> This works ok, but it is triggered twice at the end of the call - once for the BYE sent upstream and
> again for the BYE sent downstream. The only solution I could find (I've spent many hours testing ideas
> for this) is the use of a global flag that is toggled each time the local_route block gets a BYE
> method. Then the code only calls acc_aaa_request() when the global flag is set - i.e. only one in
> every two times.
>   if (is_gflag("1")) {
>       acc_aaa_request("Internal BYE");
>   }
>   # Use Global flag 1 to avoid double reporting/accounting of timeout BYE's
>   if (is_gflag("1")) {
>       reset_gflag("1");
>   } else {
>       set_gflag("1");
>   }
> This is not a very elegant or satisfactory solution but it should just about work and hopefully not
> many timeouts will occur anyway. Any suggestions for a better solution would be welcome. I have tried
> Dialog values and transaction flags - they don't work.
This solution is not correct (using the gflags) - triggering the acc 
from local_route is the right thing to do, but not using the gflags - 
these flags are global and shared by entire opensips which can run (in 
the same time) multiple local_routes for different calls -> so you may 
have a mixture between different calls.

Try using the "$DLG_dir" script variable 
to do the acc only for only one direction will be ideally, but reviewing 
the code I think that variable is not populated in local_route - if you 
could give it a try and let me know, it will be great.

Other idea will be to use the dialog flag or values - you said they do 
not work, even if they should - what seams to be the problem here ?

> The other problem is how to end the media proxy session. The transaction flags set for the Invite are
> not visible in the local_route block when it is handling the internally generated BYE's so I cannot
> try the normal checks that would be used in the main route block for BYE. Perhaps I should just call
> end_media_session(), but will it even work from local_route? If I change my script to start using
> engage_media_proxy() will I lose the flexibility of being able to check which calls need media proxy
> and which don't? I don't want them all using it - only those with far-end NAT.
Shouldn't the media proxy automatically stop when the dialog is 
destroyed ? if you use the enagage_mediaproxy(), I think you do not have 
to explicitly terminate the relay session as the this op will be done 
based on the "dialog destroyed" event.

If it does not work like this, you can use a dialog flag to remember 
(from INVITE time) if the NAT was detected or not. And in local_route 
you can do an explicit end_mediaproxy().


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