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On Wed, Nov 11, 2009 at 7:41 PM, Douglas Adami <
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> hello guys!
> I'm new here.
> Recently with the increased use of VoIP communications, I decided deepen it
> and possibly integrate new services to my business. I have a private server
> (VPS) for our hosting / email and some domains, it was run Asterisk as a
> gateway to reduce the cost of the calls and also for communication with the
> family and some customers, but the VPS have few resources, the system was
> very slow. After some research, I found OpenSIPS and thought better to
> change the following configuration:
> OpenSIPS the VPS for proxy / register (low load) and Asterisk (PBX) in our
> local server to the gateway, with voicemail, automated attendant, DISA,
> etc., after some reading and viewing some configuration examples, I will
> move to the installation phase and testing.
> Wanted to share here all my experience and also contribute something.
> I await the opinion and suggestions from staff.
> Regards to all!
> * my english is very bad, sorry!

in wiki there are some examples how to integrate opensips with asterisk
example in realtime

kindly have a look for the same

or else google opensips+asteriks ( openser+asterisk)

i have posted some examples, but i lost the link

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