[OpenSIPS-Users] drouting questions: tech-prefixes, SRV lookup

Andrew Pogrebennyk andrew.pogrebennyk at portaone.com
Wed Nov 11 22:58:37 CET 2009

I'm going to try switching from lcr to drouting so I've got two 
questions. Firstly, I'm a bit puzzled with what to do with tech 
prefixes. I know I can't define a prefix which contains special 
characters as # or *. I understand why it is done so, but in real world 
the numeric part of the tech prefix happens to overlap with some 
destination and sometimes this is beyond your control. I'm thinking of 
some workaround, such as using s.substr or s.select and putting the 
result in ruri_avp. Anyone tried to put it to work?

Another thing, I've noticed that in the dr_gateways table 'address' 
column is varchar.  Could this be used to put the DNS/SRV domain name 
there for SRV lookup? As far as I can see the drouting does not cache 
the IP addresses for destination at startup so I will get the domain 
name in the R-URI and OpenSIPS will be perfectly able to resolve it, but 
anyway I'd like to confirm this. Thanks.

Andrew Pogrebennyk

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