[OpenSIPS-Users] IMC Commands

Schumann Sebastian Sebastian.Schumann at t-com.sk
Tue Nov 10 10:37:19 CET 2009


X-Lite might sent those commands not in plain text, but HTML embedded.

The _very first_ character in the body of the message must be a sharp (i.e., #). As HTML starts <, it is not considered as a command.

Try using sipsak or some client where you can force plain text to create the channel.

Hope that helps.


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> But the problem is there is no chat room created and none of 
> the following
> imc commands are working from x-lite. But i can succesfully 
> chat between to
> two sip xlite phones.
>  #create chat-000 private
> #join sip:chat-000 at opensips.org  

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