[OpenSIPS-Users] No RTP Traffic Between clients

Jeff Pyle jpyle at fidelityvoice.com
Fri Nov 6 15:48:36 CET 2009

iptables rules blocking output can cause something like that.

- Jeff

On 11/6/09 9:44 AM, "Jonathan González" <jonathan.gsc at gmail.com> wrote:

Hi there,

I have been configuring latest version of OpenSIPS and I have just configured MySQL support to authenticate users and I am able to authenticate them against OpenSIPS with no problems.

The configuration of the server is the configuration that comes with the sources but uncommented the lines for MySQL support.

The SIP flow of a call between the two clients registered in the server goes always through OpenSIPS and it happens the same with the RTP traffic. But none of the clients are able to hear anything.

I can see in the logs some errors messages regarding UDP_send method, so I guess there must be a problem there:
ERROR:core:udp_send: sendto(sock,0x2ab640723128,577,0,0x2ab64071fa68,16): Operation not permitted(1)
ERROR:tm:msg_send: udp_send failed
ERROR:tm:t_forward_nonack: sending request failed

As far as I understand, OpenSIPS just act, with the default configuration, as SIP Proxy so the RTP traffic should go between clients and not through the SIP Proxy. I am not using Media proxy or any other modules I just have the basic configuration with MySQL support.
I would appreciate if someone could give me some ideas in this issue.

Thanks in advance,
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