[OpenSIPS-Users] INVITE not forwarded, call fails

lorenzo asymmetric at autistici.org
Wed Nov 4 13:28:27 CET 2009


i've been having some problems with making calls via opensips between an
app i'm developing and an open-source one (telephone for mac os x)..

the situation is the following:

. both applications run on my computer
. opensips runs on a different machine (biascica.pipps.net)
. i'm behind a NAT, and both apps run stun checks, so both forge
requests using my machine's public ip
. calls from my app (sip uri: asymmetric at biascica.pipps.net) to
telephone work like a charm
. calls from telephone (sip uri: biascica at biascica.pipps.net) to my app
never arrive: the INVITE is not forwarded to asymmetric.

the sequence is the following:
. biascica (telephone app) tries to call asymmetric (my app), doesn't
succeed, gives up.
. asymmetric tries to call biascica, telephone rings, i manually decline
the call.

here is the link to the opensips logs, captured with DEBUG = 4:

and this is the wireshark capture of the "conversation":

if you need further info, just let me knkow!


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