[OpenSIPS-Users] Presence Persisting PUBLISH Contact details

mani sivaraman mani.opensips at gmail.com
Tue Nov 3 22:53:32 CET 2009

OPensips server sends Presence Notify with PIDF xml payload when a user
becomes online to all its watchers. That is, when a presentity comes up
online it Publishes the PIDF, opensips reads the PUBLISH stores it in mysql
table and then sends NOTIFY to the watchers with status as online and with
all other contacts details found in PIDF like email, phone number, favorite
url, etc. However the watcher will not have any other contact details of the
presentity who is offline. It is not possible for the watcher to know even
the phone number, or emails address or any detail of an offline contact. All
details will be sent in NOTIFY only when the contact comes up online.

Is there any way I can configure opensips/presence module to send the last
stored Published PIDF document in the NOTIFY with status as offline to the
watchers ? Basically the presence Module will have to send the PIDF xml any
way for both online and offline contacts. The offline contacts will have
status as offline in the PIDF, where as online contact will have the state
as open.

Is this even possible ? Configurable ?

Thanks in Advance
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