[OpenSIPS-Users] problem with uac registration

lorenzo asymmetric at autistici.org
Tue Nov 3 12:24:24 CET 2009

On 02/11/09 10:17, Cosimo Fadda wrote:
> Hi Lorenzo

hi Cosimo, first of all, thanks a lot for your interest, it's really

> just few questions,
> - where are you making the captures (on your pc or on the server running 
> opensips)?, I mean, are you sure that the server is receiving the requests?

the captures are taken on my pc, in fact they just show that the
requests are going out correctly.
but in one case (the telephone app) they reach the server, in the other,
they don't seem to (at least, the logs show no sign of them arriving).
so it's possible they never make it to the server, or that they get
discarded by a firewall.. i should dig deeper into that..

what's even more baffling, is that this only happens sometimes.
there are cases where everything works perfectly, and i still haven't
been able to figure out why.

> - Are you sure that mjsips supports STUN?

mjsip doesn't need to know that i'm querying a stun server.. i do all
the stun queries prior to initializing the sip stack!
and a confirmation of this is that the problem only happens sometimes...

> C.

thanks again,

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