[OpenSIPS-Users] [NEW] OpenSIPS console tool

Iulia Bublea iulia at voice-system.ro
Tue Oct 14 11:30:16 CEST 2008


I'm Iulia Bublea and recently joined the OpenSIPS project - I will 
mainly be involved in the addition tool part - provisioning/control 
scripts, DB tools, testing suits.

As a first step I just uploaded on the SVN (trunk) a new provisioning 
tool for OpenSIPS - the OpenSIPS console (osipsconsole). This is 
intended to be a generic tool for OpenSIPS provisioning and to include 
all the functionalities which are now provided by several scripts - it 
will replace the opensipsctl & opensipsdbctl scripts - their current 
functionalities are inherited, but:

 1) osipsconsole is written in Perl and it takes advantage of all power 
of the language to simply things (ops, multi-DB access, logic, etc)

 2) osipsconsole is not one command script, but a console - you start 
the application, you get a prompt, you can run the available commands, 
you have embedded help, command history (in the current session and
previous session).

 3) osipsconsole in merged in a single file (all included files were 
replaced with functions in a single file) - this will offer more 
portability (only one file to handle), as osipsconsole is intended to
run from remote servers.

 4) osipsconsole will remotely provision OpenSIPS - the Perl language 
will make possible to add XMLRPC support (additional to FIFO). This
allow you to run it on a different machine that OpenSIPS. (XMLRPC 
interface is still work on progress)

 5) osipsconsole includes all the commands for provisioning the
DB (currently located in opensipsdbctl, like create, migrate, etc), 
under the "db" generic command class -> single provisioning tool.

 6) osipsconsole will be able to use different DB backends via the Perl 

For the moment, the osipsconsole implements exactly the same 
functionality/commands as opensipsctl - even the used rc files are 
identical for both applications.

In SVN tree, it is configured to run from the sources dir (binaries, 
config and RC files are relative inside the SVN tree):

After installing, the paths are updated (absolute ones), so you can run 
it from  where ever .

Osipsconsole is in alpha stage, so any help in testing it will be 

I will be available (lists, tracker) for any questions, feedback, ideas 
and bug reports regarding osipsconsole.


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