[OpenSIPS-Devel] New MI module names

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Sat Mar 23 07:32:28 EDT 2019

One thing that came to mind to help mitigate the need for changing everything when a module is renamed and also simplify the naming for module parameters is to remove the redundant module names prefixing each module parameter name.

Right now they are like:

loadmodule "mi_http"
modparam("mi_http", "mi_http_root", "some_path")

we can get rid of the module name prefix, since module parameters are already in the namespace of the module, making the prefix redundant. so it will be like:

loadmodule "mi_http"
modparam("mi_http", "root", "some_path")

> On 22 Mar 2019, at 14:33, Vlad Patrascu wrote:
>> Hi Dan,
>> Indeed, those module parameters will be renamed accordingly, it's still on the todo list.
>> As for the module names, they should now reflect the transport protocol and not the encoding, since the majority of modules use JSON. 'mi_html' and 'mi_xmlrpc_ng' are the only exceptions. Even though they are also over HTTP, it makes sense to differentiate them by encoding since they don't align with the internal MI interface(which is now JSON-RPC) and do a translation.
>> Regards,
>> Vlad Patrascu
>> OpenSIPS Developer
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