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zzz z at startit.ru
Mon Nov 5 10:30:25 EST 2018

Hi Bogdan,
Thanks for all you do.
Ive tried the new release on debian8, it works great.
Would you please change "domaini" to "domain" in the file acl_management.php
lines 156 and 169.

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Hi all,

We are proud and happy to announce the release of the OpenSIPS Control Panel 8.2.4 . This OpenSIPS Control Panel is a provisioning (SIP users and OpenSIPS system) web interface design for and compatible with OpenSIPS 2.4 LTS - http://controlpanel.opensips.org .

The OCP 8.2.4 has new awesome additions :

* a new modern look by reworking the entire CSS and layout, see http://controlpanel.opensips.org/screenshots.php

* a new tool for handling the RTPEngine instances via database

* a new tool for provisioning TLS domains and certificates via database

* a more powerful Tviewer engine to allow more complex displaying, correlation and validation of the data types and to create inter-tool web links.

In the same time the OCP 8.2.4 brings great improvements under the hood:

* compatibility with PHP 7, by migrating from MDB2 to PDO database support

* better security of the DB operations by migrating to prepared statements, to avoid SQL injections

* improved security for the WEB sessions and page access to avoid illegitimate direct access to sub-pages

* extended tooltip and data validation support

* code refactoring for easy further development

This new OpenSIPS Control Panel release is a significant step forward for the project in terms of vision. All this happened thanks to the people and companies involved in the development of the project.

Special thanks to the Voicenter team - https://www.voicenter.com -  for its great contribution in re-styling and re-designing this web interface.

Download and enjoy it as it's freshly baked for you,

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu

OpenSIPS Founder and Developer

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