[OpenSIPS-Devel] [OpenSIPS/opensips] 1c7e19: Fix broken ldap async engine

ionutrazvanionita ionutionita at opensips.org
Wed Oct 19 14:04:01 CEST 2016

  Branch: refs/heads/2.2
  Home:   https://github.com/OpenSIPS/opensips
  Commit: 1c7e19d5d066e40e42b793389fd47898a9c2f4e3
  Author: ionutrazvanionita <ionutionita at opensips.org>
  Date:   2016-10-19 (Wed, 19 Oct 2016)

  Changed paths:
    M modules/ldap/README
    M modules/ldap/doc/ldap_admin.xml
    M modules/ldap/ld_session.c
    M modules/ldap/ld_session.h
    M modules/ldap/ldap_api_fn.c
    M modules/ldap/ldap_api_fn.h
    M modules/ldap/ldap_connect.c
    M modules/ldap/ldap_connect.h
    M modules/ldap/ldap_exp_fn.c
    M modules/ldap/ldap_exp_fn.h
    M modules/ldap/ldap_mod.c

  Log Message:
  Fix broken ldap async engine

   Previous ldap async engine implementation was broken. Now the
module stores a pool of connections for each session which will
be used for executing async queries and one separate connection
that will be used for synchronous queries, in case the maximum number
of open connections allowed(max_async_connections module parameter)
is reached. The sync connection will also be used for synchronous
queries from other functions.
   The connection pool is stored per process, so each worker
process will have its own pool and synchronous connection. For large
numbers of asynchronous ldap calls per second, having a higher value
for max_async_connections will result in better performance.

(cherry picked from commit 7d7dd9effd82275b0727d99d2d11ea00e016cad2)

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