[OpenSIPS-Devel] [opensips] added exec(cmd, output, input, avpenv) function for exec module (#360)

Walter Doekes notifications at github.com
Thu Oct 16 16:02:43 CEST 2014

> +     * output - pseudovariable where to store the output from the
> +       standard output of the command. Keep in mind that if this
> +       parameter is set, the async paramater will not be taken in
> +       consideration.
> +     * input - String to be passed to the standard input of the
> +       command. The string can be given as a pseudovariable.
> +     * envavp - Avp where to store the values for the environment
> +       variables to be passed for the command. The names of the
> +       environment variables will be "OSIPS_EXEC_#" where # will
> +       start from 0. For example if you store 2 values into an avp
> +       ("a" and "b") OSIPS_EXEC_0 will contain the first value and
> +       OSIPS_EXEC_1 the second value.
> +
> +   WARNING: any OpenSIPS pseudo-vars which may contain special
> +   bash characters should be placed inside quotes, e.g.
> +   exec_getenv("'$ct'");

getenv? And if you require single quotes, shouldn't you also require the contents to be quoted? Or a single quote in $ct would undo the first quote...

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