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Category: modules
Group: trunk
Status: Open
Resolution: None
Priority: 5
Private: No
Submitted By: Ryan Bullock (rrb3942)
Assigned to: Razvan Crainea (razvancrainea)
Summary: Add pvar support for rtp proxy used

Initial Comment:
Adds new module parameter "rtpp_sock_pvar" which is a pvar to be set with the url of the rtpproxy used on the call.

Example usage:
modparam("rtpproxy", "rtpp_sock_pvar", "$avp(rtp_sock)")
#Load balancing rtpproxies
modparam("rtpproxy", "rtpproxy_sock",  "udp:localhost:12221 udp:localhost:12222")

xlog("Used rtpproxy $avp(rtp_sock) for callid $ci");

In the log:
"Used rtpproxy udp:localhost:12222 for callid abc at 123.com"

Useful for troubleshooting quality issues related to a single node or instance or rtpproxy.

I have done some limited tested in a lab setup for this patch.


>Comment By: Ryan Bullock (rrb3942)
Date: 2013-03-14 10:53

Hey Răzvan,

I tested your patch and it works well, but doesn't set the node if only a
single rtpproxy is configured. I attached an updated patch that sets it in
that case as well (for consistency, hopefully you know what node the call
went to if you only have 1 :) .

Tested with a single rtpproxy, a set of two, and in the scenario where one
rtpproxy does not respond. All worked well.

Thanks for the help, let me know if anything else is required.




Comment By: Razvan Crainea (razvancrainea)
Date: 2013-03-12 04:13

Hi, Ryan!

Thank you for the patch you provided. The only problem I can see is that
you only set the variable for the first server. However, if that server
fails, and a failover succeeds, you will have a bogus server set. Therefore
I moved the code that sets the variable in the select_rtpp_node() function,
in order to have a more general approach.
I attached a new patch for this. Can you five it a try and let me know if
it works as desired?

Best regards,


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