[OpenSIPS-Devel] [Release] Planing 1.8.1 minor release

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu bogdan at opensips.org
Mon Aug 13 20:06:18 CEST 2012

Hello all,

We plan to have 1.8.1 minor version released by Wednesday 15th of 
August. Once again, a minor release includes only bug fixes (on the 1.8 
major branch).

Thanks to a lot of bugs reports and patches, several minor and critical 
things were fixed. We still have couple of fixes on the pipe (working on 
them) and continuously evaluate the new reports.

So please bring in front whatever reports or patches (regarding bugs) 
you may have, so that we can include them into 1.8.1 release.

Once again, many thanks to all how contributed here!

Best regards,

Bogdan-Andrei Iancu
OpenSIPS Founder and Developer

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