[OpenSIPS-Devel] presence non-unique totag and more

Anca Vamanu anca at opensips.org
Wed Sep 29 10:55:39 CEST 2010

Hi Kennard,

I agree, the best solution is to generate a unique to tag in the 
presence module - it is easy to do in tm module ( the b2b_entities 
module already does this, it uses t_reply_with_body function), but in sl 
there is no support to inject the to tag. I will speak with Bogdan to 
see what solution we can find for this.

On 09/28/2010 09:47 PM, Kennard_White at logitech.com wrote:
> Hi Anca,
> There are some "big" issues that I don't think I can solve. I'll try 
> to describe:
> 1. Need to decide if indexing is based upon totag (if globally unique) 
> or the 5-tuple of from_uri,from_tag,to_uri,to_tag,callid. Whichever is 
> decided, should be used informally for hash & db, for all ops (insert, 
> search and delete). Current code has mixture. My own "vote" is to make 
> totag unique (within the sever), much the way PUBLISH's etag is 
> unique. Then a subscription can be identified by a single key (the totag).
> 2. The unique totag needs to be generated *before* sending the 
> response. E.g., all the hash&db operations need to complete 
> successfully before sending reply message. With current code where the 
> totag is generated as side-effect of sending 2XX, the client thinks it 
> has a good subscription when in fact it has failed due to DB issue.
> 3. Consequence of above, my suggestion is generate totag within 
> presence module, complete DB ops, then send 2XX. Need new API so that 
> the totag can be passed into tm layer, instead of tm layer generating. 
> This is bigger change than I want to do (and even if I did, don't know 
> if patch would be accepted).
> 4. The totag generated by tm has a very long prefix that is GUID for 
> the opensips instance, and there is comment in code about this being 
> used to detect spirals. Is this used? If not, perhaps consider 
> dropping this prefix portion and making the dialog-specific portion 
> longer (and unique).
> 5. I don't understand why the totag is generated the way it is. The 
> method used makes sense for the sl module: the to tag (because hash of 
> prior hop state) will be the same for replies generated for 
> retransmits. But why do this in tm module? The whole "point" of tm is 
> that it keeps state to handle retransmits. And the whole "point" of 
> the totag is to provide a convenient handle to look up dialog state. 
> Clearly, I'm missing something here.
> 6. I only use the "presence_xml" module. The other presence modules 
> (e.g., pua) use the low-level APIs of the presence module. I'm just 
> not familiar with how these other modules work, and cannot assess 
> impact of changes to core presence module.
There is no other module to generate a to tag - only presence module 
does this.
> 7. The startup order is messy. Currently the db-restore is done from 
> mod_init(). This has two problems: (a) the other modules may or may 
> not have been initialized, which leads to non-determinism in how the 
> get_auth_status() is handled, and (b) the statistics variables are not 
> ready. Suggest moving db-restore into the "first" child_init, assuming 
> stats are ready then. But really need a thread-join for all the 
> child-inits prior to handling traffic. E.g., need to block all PUB/SUB 
> traffic until restore is complete. (Ideally generating 5XX with 
> retry-after header). Don't really know how to implement this 
> join/blocking.
Indeed, get_auth_status might not be available in mod_init if the 
modules that add events are not loaded before. We can move the reload 
from db in the first child as you suggested.

I will let you know when I finish the  unique to tag implementation.

Thanks and regards,

Anca Vamanu

> As a consequence of all the above, I don't think I can ever give you a 
> final patch, or even any much better than what you have now. I just 
> didn't want you to think my patch was good or ready for production. 
> Need to resolve above big issues. If you decide to go with a global 
> totag, then some of my changes will need to be backed out. I'll 
> happily deal with any version control conflicts if it gets us closer 
> to final solution.
> Kennard
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> Submitted By: Kennard White (kennardwhite)
> >Assigned to: Anca Vamanu (anca_vamanu)
> Summary: presence non-unique totag and more
> Initial Comment:
> Attached is a bundle of changes to presence module. We deployed 
> opensips1.6 and saw a number of different failures under production 
> load. This patch isn't finished quality: it is just snapshot of where 
> I stand now. I thought it worth sharing the issues I've seen so far. A 
> clean solutions really require larger change outside the scope of just 
> the presence module. I'll send email to the list about these ideas.
> This includes:
> * Partial bug fix for non-unique totags. The hash-table and DB code 
> for deleting subscriptions assumes that the totag is unique. But the 
> totag has only 16 bits of possible uniqueness per server (it is CRC of 
> branch info). IN practice, easy to get totag collisions after few 
> thousand subscribers. Patch includes fix to the hash-table side but 
> the DB side is still broken. For now, code just does nothing to DB 
> when deleteting a subscription, and just lets it expire out.
> * Bug fix for expiring subscriptions from DB prior to updating. 
> Subscriptions that we renewd (via reSUB) are deleted from DB prior to 
> writing the new (unexpired) time into the DB. Change to do DB delete 
> after sync.
> * Bug fix for "if ( foo & NO_UPDATE_DB) when NO_UPDATE_DB is zero 
> value. Note that at least one other module has same bug and is not 
> patched here.
> * Addition of statistics for presence module. The isn't cleanest of 
> implementations because the DB restore function runs before statistics 
> are available. Would be much cleaner if DB restore could run after 
> stats are available.
> * Addition of new 'activeSubs' mi command to help trace down these 
> problems.
> * More info in many of the log messages to help trace down these errors.
> * Addition of 'override_481_code' as work-around for bad resiprocate 
> clients. We use this option to force a 5xx code instead of standard 
> 481 since some versions of resip get stuck with 481.
> * Change to NOTIFY code to node register a response callback function 
> if subscription is being terminated. No point is looking for 481 
> response if sub is terminated.
> * Fix for expires_offset as discussed previously to prevent 
> subscriptions walking to zero length.
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> >Comment By: Anca Vamanu (anca_vamanu)
> Date: 2010-09-28 12:30
> Message:
> Hi Kennard,
> Thank you for this complex patch - some issues are really bugs that we
> were not aware of and the additions seem useful. I will review this patch
> and send comments if I have any. I will not apply it until you say 
> it's the
> final version.
> Regards,
> Anca
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