[OpenSIPS-Devel] MediaProxy patch for routable_nets

Tyler tyler at area81.com
Sun Sep 26 18:45:51 CEST 2010

Hey guys..

I use MediaProxy in my environment in the reverse of the way it is typically used.  I have a bank of servers sitting on an RFC1918 netblock, and when calls come in from the world, they are routed via the MediaProxy relays.  The MediaProxy relays effectively provide NAT for these boxes, and I pass the SIP signaling via an OpenSIPS server (record_route()'ed) on a public IP.

Things worked with my initial echo tests but failed when I tried to call in to my FreeSWITCH box and have it call back out via an ITSP.  The MediaProxy box wouldn't relay any media to the FS instance until it received a packet first, due to the SDP containing an RFC1918 address, so my poor FS box just sat there -- media-less. :-(

Anyway, to cut to the chase, attached is a little patch (to the 2.4.3 codebase) that adds a 'routable_nets' option to the [Relay] section of the config file.  You just need to list any CIDR netblocks in there that you want to be considered routable, regardless of what RFC1918 says.

Think we could get this merged in?

Disclaimer:  I'm a C/perl/Java guy, so pardon my Python hacking ;-)



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