[OpenSIPS-Devel] presentity expiration and etag handling

Anca Vamanu anca at opensips.org
Fri Sep 3 17:26:00 CEST 2010

Hi Kennard,

Yes, you are right, I should not delete the htable entry before calling 
the publ_notify function. I will fix this. Thanks for pointing out.


Anca Vamanu

On 09/03/2010 02:37 AM, Kennard_White at logitech.com wrote:
> Hi,
> While looking at another feature (see patch upload 3058434) I came 
> across a strange behavior and traced it down to a section of presence 
> code.
> Given an subscription (via SUBSCRIBE) and an existing presentity (via 
> PUBLISH) for event "presence", opensips send different NOTIFY PIDFs 
> documents depending upon if the presentity is expired via timeout vs 
> an explicit PUBLISH with Expires=0 header. In the first case 
> (timeout), the NOTIFY PIDF is completely missing the original 
> presentity (and the body may be empty if no other tuples). In the 
> second case (unpublish), the NOTIFY PIDF has an edited copy of the 
> original presentity (with basic status set closed). This occurs when 
> the presentity hash tables are enabled and fallback2db is disabled.
> I doubt this is a really a bug (the behavior when presentities go away 
> is not defined by the RFCs as far as I can tell). But I suspect this 
> is a change in behavior introduced by the hash table code. Since some 
> clients react very differently to no-body NOTIFY messages compared to 
> ones containing 'closed' status, this can (and did) lead to strange 
> system behavior.
> The root cause of the different behavior is that during message 
> cleaning, the presentity is deleted from the hash tables before the 
> notification is generated. In more detail, the call sequence is:
> publish.c msg_presentity_clean() calls
> notify.c: publ_notify() calls
> notify.c: get_p_notify_body() calls
> notify_body.c: pres_agg_nbody()
> The etag of the expiring presentity (or its body index) is passed down 
> the above call chain. The last function attempts to "edit" the 
> expiring presentity, setting the basic status to 'closed' prior to 
> sending out the NOTIFY.
> But the stale presentity is deleted from the hash table before the 
> above call sequence, thus it never shows up in the list of 
> presentities queried by get_p_notify_body() and is not edited to 
> indicate closed.
> Probably msg_presentity_clean() calling publ_notify() with the 
> expiring etag doesn't serve any purpose, at least with fallback2db 
> disabled, and is potentially misleading since it doesn't do what one 
> would expect.
> Regards,
> Kennard
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