[OpenSIPS-Devel] [B2B_ENTITIES] bug in prescript

Olivier Détour chino540off+kamailio at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 20:22:28 CET 2010


There is a bug in prescript function when you compare RURI with server_addr:

  296         if (method_value!= METHOD_CANCEL &&
  297             !((msg->first_line.u.request.uri.len ==
server_address.len ) &&
  298             strncmp(msg->first_line.u.request.uri.s, server_address.s,
  299             server_address.len)== 0))
  300         {
  301                 LM_DBG("RURI does not point to me\n");
  302                 return 1;
  303         }

with opensips.cfg:

modparam("b2b_entities", "server_address", "sip:sa at")

Imagine if the peer change RURI with adding the default port at the
end of the string,
or remove it: the strncmp is not sufficient.

I am working with a Cisco, and it happens.

Olivier Détour

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