[OpenSIPS-Devel] Enlarging xcap table doc field

Iñaki Baz Castillo ibc at aliax.net
Sat Nov 28 19:30:04 CET 2009

2009/11/27 Saul Ibarra Corretge <saul at ag-projects.com>:
>> In a high load environment I wouldn't like to imagine a MySQL MyISAM
>> table (xcap) storing millions of rows with a MEDIUMBLOB field. Such
>> kind of tables get corrupted after some time and so, for sure.
>> IMHO is not a good design.
> No binary data gets stored, it's just text.

It doesn't matter fi it's text or binary, finally it's MySQL data :)

> An XML with a base64 encoded image. Do you think storing at most 16MB of text (there are size constraints for the image so i'll never get bigger than a few MBs) it could get corrupted?

Let's suppose a provider with 10000 users using XCAP.
Also imagine 50Kb per image/icon plus 1Kb per text XML document. Let's
suppose 3 documents per user (pres-rules, resource-list and icon). So
we end with more than 500 MB in the xcap table.

Under my experience, MySQL large tables get corrupted "some times",
and that's really more probable if the table contains long fields.
This is as least what I've issued working with MySQL MyISAM long

Iñaki Baz Castillo
<ibc at aliax.net>

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