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Thu Jan 29 11:41:19 CET 2009

somehow "perfectly" synchronised.

> I can see that this can work fine for read operations assuming that the 
> databases are synchronized by external means and wherever you go you get the 
> same information, but for write I do not see where the aggregation layer is to 
> assure that the data is synchronized and consistent.

That's not OpenSIPS job - it's up to who is configuring it to take
care of synced DBs and such things. OpenSIPS has to drop it's queries
somewhere - nothing more. And multiple configured DBs allows you to
easily take down one DB server for maintainance without interrupting
the service.

I consider this a very worthful addition. And there is not so much
trouble you can cause if OpenSIPS is either not inserting a record
or writing it twice to usrloc - after some time everything will be
fine again. The impact is much less than a "real" downtime.

Just my 2 eurocent - please correct me, if I'm wrong!

Best regards,
Thomas Gelf

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